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Following a recommendation we brought our English Springer Spaniel Sam to you. My wife and I were very pleased with the opportunity to discuss what you were going to do and the brilliant appearance of Sam when we collected him. It was also very evident from his brilliant behaviour following his grooming that he had been treated extremely well. Knowing his very untrusting and nervous character this was an excellent sign that he had been handled with care and consideration throughout. Thank you for your work and patience. We will be back again soon and fully recommend you to our friends.

Tara and team take the greatest care of Muffin, an elderly 'lady', and they are so helpful when an extra visit for claw trimming is needed. Thank you Tara

Excellent service, very caring, could not recommend a better groomer.

Tara and her team have been stars, we take Tilly our 7 month old, old english sheepdog to her every 6weeks for the full works, but we are always calling for advice, and we always get good advice back- thanks

My little Yorkshire Terrier, Buffy has always looked so pretty after Tara's TLC/grooming. The service provided by Tara and her team is professional, caring and great value for money!

I very recently had to find a new lady to cut, groom and bath my dog. I was recommended to go to "Give a dog a comb". The results were extremely good, my dog was nicely trimmed, washed and looked a new dog. The facilities were also very good and I will certainly be taking my dog back again.I would recomend this facility to any local dog owners. RBL

My 2 jack russells love going to give a dog a comb and always come out smelling lovely :)

Tara and the team are just the best, great with all our dogs who can be quite a handful! Tara is so friendly and patient and gives great advice on all aspects of doggie care. The grooming studio is wonderful I recommend it to all my friends with dogs you would be silly to go elsewhere!

A wonderful and caring professional dog grooming service, I cannot rate them highly enough.Nothing is to much trouble, and most of all your dog comes away looking, and smelling good. Tara also gives really helpful advice, ie, to dog training to different foods etc. I cannot praise her or Vicky highly enough. I would'nt hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I have travelled around the country in connection with my husbands job,and can honestly say she is by far the best groomer that it has been my priviledge to have met. She looked after my dog Rhys a cavalier king charles until he died in March, the love and care she gave him were second to none,and then she even came to a memorial service we had for him. What more can I say about this truely remarkable lady, who goes more than the extra mile for you.

My dog Macey was never keen on the whole grooming experience until she went to Give A Dog A Comb. I know shes in great hands with the owner Tara and would highly recommend this brilliant service to other dog owners. Tara treats Macey as well as if she were her own - what more could you ask for!!

Tara and the team are outstanding, they completely understand customer excellence and far exceed it!! They go that extra mile not only in dog grooming but also in care towards the dog and owner. My boy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia which was devastating not only did Tara fit him in at very short notice to ensure he was comfortable before any operation but has been following up and providing advice, guidance and support since, even offering to visit him at home during his recovery to tidy him if needed. What more could you ask for? All of this by the way was upon my first visit to the studio needless to say I would not consider any other studio ..... Tara and the team are quite simply A+++++

A very professional and caring service. Tara & her team are the best! I recommend Give a dog a comb to people all the time.

Brilliant dog groomers. Tara offers a very friendly, professional service with very high standards. I am so pleased with the result when I pick Barney up. The studio is spotlessly clean, and the gardens beautiful too. They really are the best.

Well what a lovely friendly atmosphere! so glad I found Tara, both my dogs go to Give a dog a comb my English Bull goes for the occasional bath and Poppy my westie cross has the works, I am always very pleased with the result and Tara always gives me lots of help advice and tips on how to keep my dogs coats and health in tip top condition, highly recommended to all.

Tara and her team provide a wonderful service, my two labs go in and come out with their tails wagging and they smell a whole lot better on the way out! I have no hesitation in recommending the wonderful, friendly and professional service that they provide.

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Testimonials from some of Give a dog a comb’s satisfied customers...